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Imagination Stage

Our Impact


Since our founding 43 years ago, Imagination Stage has been about more than teaching young people to act, dance, and sing.


Our core, distinguishing purpose has always been positive youth development. And our work has been driven by our belief that exposure and participation in the performing arts intrinsically nourishes a child’s creative spirit, inspires their embrace of the complexity and diversity of their world, and helps them overcome their challenges with hope, courage, and above all, creativity.

By the Numbers


youth reached since our inception in 1979

In Fiscal Year 2023 Stats:

% bipoc & % women

comprise the board of trustees

% of kids

access our programs for free


where kids can participate our programming across all DC wards and Montgomery County

% of our students

receive accommodations for disclosed access & inclusion needs


Attended in-person programming in FY22

Program Impact

Professional Theatre

Our professional theatre productions invite young people to discover themselves, learn about others, and explore the world around them by watching adapted books, classic works, and contemporary stories come to life on stage.
Professional Theatre Impact

Educational Programs

Our education programming inspires youth of all ages and abilities to grow as artists, innovators, and citizens. We provide quality, year-round camps and classes in acting, musical theatre, dance, and filmmaking in an inclusive and welcoming environment.
Educational Program Impact

Theatre for Change

Our Theatre for Change program uses theatre productions and educational workshops to bridge cultural divides, lift up underrepresented voices, and explore complex social issues to help build a new generation of compassionate, collaborative children who are capable of changing the world.
Theatre for Change Impact

Our Commitment to IDEA

Since our inception over 40 years ago, Imagination Stage’s core values and mission have affirmed our commitment to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) for all children, as well as for our artists and staff. As a female-founded and -led organization, we recognize the imperative of IDEA in every aspect of operations, including hiring, program planning & implementation, and governance.

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Impact Beyond Our Walls

While we are headquartered in Bethesda, Imagination Stage offers in-person arts and cultural enrichment in over 75 locations across all DC wards and Montgomery County. 

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