Throw on your best garden party attire and
join us for this larger than life event
June 27, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

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Here is a digital list of supplies you’ll need to follow along with our Children’s Festival activities:

Pre-event Paper Flower Decorations and Headpieces
Led by three amazing members of the Imagination Stage production team. Get your garden party decor ready in time for the event on June 27Parental Supervision is highly recommended.

Click here for instructions and how-to videos.

Coffee Filter Butterflies/Flowers- Our very own Master Electrician, Bethany Regalbuto, will demonstrate how to make flowers and butterflies with coffee filters and craft supplies.

Paint Flowers- Costume Shop Manager, Anna Klinger, will lead you through the steps of creating a unique flower that you can paint with your family.

  • Craft paint- Choose your favorite colors!- Like these
  • Dowel, stick, or wooden skewer- Like these
  • Glue or tape 
  • Magazines or paper bags- Anything you have at home!
  • Scissors 


Tissue Paper Flowers*– Alysha Devries, Assistant Costume Shop Manager, has created a guide on how to make beautiful flowers out of tissue paper.

Event Activities and Supplies in Order of Appearance

Please order the supplies ahead of time to be prepared for the event.
Please read ahead on the day of to prepare for the next activity.

Imagination Stage

Brain Break- Follow along in this highly interactive activity led by our wonderful Director of Education and Theatre for Change, utilizing your entire actor’s toolbox. You will work together to complete a group story or come up with new ideas for an improv game.

  • Body
  • Voice 
  • Mind
  • Imagination

Thumbelina, A Kamishibai*- Kamishibai is a form of visual and participatory storytelling that combines the use of hand drawn visuals with the engaging narration of a live presenter. Instructions are included in the activity box.

Please click here for instructions and a great video demonstrating the origin and craft of Kamishibai.

  • A color printer, or some way to print out the placards
  • 32 sheets of paper (If you have cardstock, all the better!)
  • Tape (Scotch tape or a glue stick will work!)

Team Yoo Taekwondo- We will be kicking, punching, and spinning while learning more about taekwondo. 

  • Body
  • High Energy

Kids Move & Learn- Can you find it? Go on a scavenger hunt!
Parents: Participants will need access to colorful objects (red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple) within their environment to follow along.

The Red Bandana Bakery*- 
Dessert time! Bake your favorite cookies and follow along to create a fun and unique cookie!

  • Baked cookies- Perfect time to bake together or buy your favorite kind! 
  • Piping bags or Ziploc bags with zipper
  • Royal icing
  • Sprinkles- Whatever kind you want!
  • Click here for a wonderful kit including all these supplies created by The Red Bandana Bakery!

Virtual Dance Party*- Get jiggy with it! Dance until you drop! 

  • Glow sticks- The best accessory for dancing!- Like these

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When finding any of these supplies, please use AmazonSmile to benefit Imagination Stage! Help us keep our mission alive.


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