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An interview with Senior Faculty Member Alison Gee

You may recognize Senior Faculty Member, Alison Gee (photo below), who has been part of Imagination Stage’s teaching staff for 22 years. We spoke with her to get some information about classes, the importance of theatre education, and why she is so passionate about the work she does here. Our questions along with her answers are written out below.

Q: How does theatre education serve the growth and development of young people?

A: It serves their growth and development by fostering their creativity, giving them the tools to find their voices, and teaching them how to have empathy and how to work together as a group.

Q: What makes Imagination Stage's classes unique?

A: Istage classes are unique as they have been a part of the theatre’s mission since its creation (in 1979). The professional theatre came second. Our classes are for everyone, we are inclusive, and every child gets to play. We are not focused on creating the next child star, but on creating good humans. So, when they are adults they have empathy, they are creative in their jobs, and they have a greater awareness of the people in the world around them.

Q: How is the curriculum crafted for each class and to fit each age group? 

A: Early childhood classes focus on social-emotional development and relationships: relationships between caregivers and students and the focus on creative play. You get to climb into the storybook. Become part of the story by creating magical moments to explore.

Elementary-aged classes are developed with popular themes like Disney, Broadway Adventures, or Superheros to teach beginning theatre skills and lifelong learning skills.

Teen Classes are more skill-based, focused on expanding actor or filmmaker performance skills. Advanced conservatories or performance ensembles have an eye to students who wish to continue on in college studying theatre, while creating opportunities for peer problem solving, creativity, and empathy.

Q: Why do you continue to teach at Imagination Stage?

A: This is my 22nd year teaching at Imagination Stage. I continue to teach here because in this unpredictable world it is the one place I can go to work every day and know that I am making a difference in a child's life. I help them learn how to fail, how to have a big heart, and how to be part of a group. I get to play at work, and my colleagues are the best!

New classes for ages 1-18 in creative drama, acting, musical theatre, and more begin soon! Register here.

3 people sit on the floor. Far left a blonde haired toddler sits very close to a dark haired woman, she is leaning close to the child. A woman in a blue Imagination Stage shirt sits on her knees, to their right.
A 'you and me' class with Alison Gee.

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