Kalen Robinson returns for NATE!

If you saw The Hula-Hoopin' Queen earlier this year, you will recognize the talented Kalen Robinson, who played the role of Kameeka. This summer, Kalen returns to Imagination Stage as Nate's artistic friend, Annie in our musical production of Nate the Great. Imagination Stage caught up with Kalen to discuss her roles in Nate the Great and The Hula-Hoopin' Queen... 

Imagination Stage: When last we saw you, you were playing Kameeka in The Hula-Hoopin' Queen--and you were wonderful! Did you enjoy learning to hula-hoop? What else was memorable and about playing Kameeka?

Kalen Robinson: Hula Hoopin’ Queen was so fun! I learned how to hula hoop when I was about 10 years old, and it was so cool to re-learn and learn different tricks I had never tried before. Kameeka was a blast to play. She was always on the move and I had to do so much running backstage; it was hilarious! It was also amazing being with a cast of black women who were so nice and nurturing to me on and offstage.

IS: We are so excited that you will be back on stage this summer as Annie in Nate the Great! Tell us a little about your character in the show.

KR: I’m excited too! Annie is a young girl who loves art. She believes that all art matters and has value. She is a great friend and very supportive sister. She’s someone I would love to have in my corner. 

IS: When you were a kid were you more like Kameeka or like Annie?

KR: When I was a kid, I was more like Kameeka. I would gather with my friends and make up rhymes. I was very close with my family and loved to have gatherings with my neighbors and loved ones. I will also admit that I am also competitive like Kameeka. I like to win, but I make sure to maintain sportsmanlike conduct.

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