My Experience in the Acting Conservatory at Imagination Stage
by Clara Baisinger-Rosen

For the past two years, I have taken part in the Acting Conservatory at Imagination Stage. It has been such an amazing experience, and I’ve learned so much about the different parts of acting-physicality, dialogue, and every other aspect of theatre. Of all the acting classes I’ve looked at in the past, this has been by far the most influential and educational program I have ever taken part in.

I first decided to audition for the Acting Conservatory when I realized I wanted to focus on the acting aspect of theatre, rather than dancing and singing that so many other classes focus on. Every day I’ve been glad that I chose to audition for this class. I’ve learned so much, like how to embody animals when I’m learning about a character, how to apply viewpoints in a scene, and how to really apply myself to theatre, even when it gets challenging to focus. One main thing that has changed since I first auditioned are my goals. Originally, I just wanted to get better at acting and maybe get the lead in the show the following year. Now, all I want to do is be part of the ensemble and keep learning. You can never stop learning, now matter how far you’ve come.

Acting Conservatory greatly changed what I focus on during a show, particularly in Failure: A Love Story. Before, my biggest concern was my lines, how I spoke, and what was the best way to make myself known. While memorizing my lines is still important to me, being a part of the ensemble and creating layers and layers of detail through movement is much more important to me than how much stage time I have.

Overall, Acting Conservatory has done a great deal for me and has taught me about being a part of the ensemble and contributing to the team. Failure: A Love Story is an encapsulation of everything we have learned, and I hope that all who view it will enjoy it and take a moment to think about what this play truly means.

Enjoy the show!

Piece by Clara Baisinger-Rosen, budding writer and acting student at Imagination Stage. Acting Conservatory’s production of Failure: A Love Story runs April 26-28 at Imagination Stage. 

Poster design by Cameron Hahn, Institutional Development Apprentice at Imagination Stage.

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