Saturday Song Circle: Drag Story Time

Imagination Stage is delighted to offer Drag Storytime as part of its ongoing Saturday Song Circle programming. Saturday Song Circle, a one-off workshop for young children accompanied by an adult,  began a decade ago and embodies our mission-driven philosophy to include ALL children. Since our inception 43 years ago, IStage has actively sought to create programming for underserved populations. We have been recognized for our innovative model curricula for:

  • Young people with cognitive and physical disabilities
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing students
  • Bilingual preschoolers
  • Migrant teens dealing with trauma, and
  • Law Enforcement Officers and Youth 

Our three upcoming Saturday Song Circles featuring Drag Storytime seek to serve the needs of the LGBTQ demographic, which certainly qualifies as historically underserved. Drag artists represent a long-standing genre of performance in many cultures, including the US. In our Drag Storytime–which is designed for children ages 3-8, accompanied by an adult–the artist is dressed and made up as a woman but without any of the risqué costuming associated with Adult Only shows. The goal of the Drag artist at IStage is to normalize the fact of gender diversity and expression, not to shock or provide anything inappropriate for our young audience.  

Istage has specific, mission-driven reasons for this programming:

  1. We have students (of all ages) and/or their family members who identify as gender fluid, queer, or transgender. It is our goal for them to feel welcome, included, and respected.
  2. The LGBTQ community deserves to be acknowledged and included at IStage  in the same way that other populations have been since 1979.
  3. We have several full-time staff and faculty members who identify as LGBTQ and they are quite rightly advocating for the next generation of children to be better accepted and understood than they were.

We look forward to welcoming children and the adults who care for them to these inclusive and fun Saturday Song Circles!

These programs will be offered on 4/22, 4/29, and 5/07. Click here to register!

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