Planet Word Day at CORDUROY

The Library at Planet Word

Corduroy, the beloved story of a little girl and the perfectly imperfect stuffed bear she loves, is the source of a lot of magic these days. It gets a “laugh-out-loud adorable”* treatment as it comes to life in a production at Imagination Stage in Bethesda, and it has a special place in the library at Planet Word, a new museum in DC. The two organizations join forces to create a magical day for kids: on January 22 at the 1:30 and 4:00 performances of Corduroy, children in the audience will receive a free copy of the picture book Corduroy by Don Freeman. The books are a gift from Planet Word. 

Planet Word is all about words and language, and their Library feels like magic. When visitors talk to the mirrors, they light up with hidden dioramas. One of the bookcases is a secret door to a poetry nook. And there are books for everyone – kids’ books, adult books, fiction, poetry, recent books, historic books, graphic novels - there’s even a cookbook! Bring a copy of Corduroy to the central table and open it in one of the little cradles. The book comes to life as images of Corduroy explode off the page and spread over the table, while a narrator describes this wonderful book. All of the books in the Library are narrated by different people. The voice that tells you about Corduroy is Planet Word’s founder, Ann Friedman. The story of Corduroy has always been special to her, just as it has for kids and adults for generations.

Whether at home or at Planet Word, Imagination Stage’s production’s director, Kathryn Chase Bryer, recommends that parents read the Corduroy to their children before coming to see the show. Says Bryer, “The essential, beautiful story of Lisa, her mother, and the winsome, button-missing teddy bear moves from the page to the stage. And there is so much more--including mischief, laughter, and stage magic--that they will experience in our production.”  

Children who see the show on January 22, will be able read and re-read the book, while enjoying memories of a special day at the theatre.
*DC Metro Theatre Arts review

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