Imagination Stage Board of Trustees Application 2023 


Join Imagination Stage’s Board of Trustees! 

Thank you for considering Board service at Imagination Stage! Board service is a form of volunteerism that has a deep and meaningful impact on our organization. Are you interested in joining our Board and serving as a leader for Imagination Stage? 

As part of our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA), Imagination Stage is actively seeking to add new perspectives to our Board of Trustees. We are looking for leaders in the community who want to share their wisdom and help guide the future of the Imagination Stage, especially those with an interest in filling the role of Board Treasurer. 

Our application to join the Board of Trustees can be found here. Please submit your application no later than April 10, 2023. Read below for more information about Board service: 

Board Member Expectations: 

Responsibilities: Imagination Stage’s Board of Trustees is responsible for major policy, planning, and budgetary decisions for the organization. The Board as a whole: 

● Approves the annual budget and audit and monitor progress against financial targets.

● Acts on policies recommended by committees of the Board or staff. 

● Helps staff and committees set direction and priorities and approve planning documents. 

● Enhances Imagination Stage’s reputation and visibility and broaden its base of support. 

● Identifies and nurtures relationships with new community members for positions on the Board and/or Committees. 

Expectations: Individual Board members should have a passionate commitment to the mission and goals of the organization. Board members are expected to: 

● Attend board meetings. 

● Serve on at least one committee or task force, or have another special assignment.

● Review materials sent in advance of meetings and contribute to board discussions on critical policy issues. 

● Be knowledgeable about the organization and be an effective ambassador and active promoter of Imagination Stage. 

● Be available as an ad-hoc advisor to the Founding Artistic Director, Managing Director, and senior staff when perspective is needed. 

● Sign a conflict of interest form.

● Introduce the organization to friends and colleagues, including new donors, patrons, partners, and potential Board members. 

● Serve as a Board host for one performance of a professional show, including Theatre for the Very Young (TVY), mainstage, and Theatre for Change (TfC) productions, which entitles the Board member to invite a small group of guests for the performance and includes the option to host a pre-performance reception. 

● Attend the Annual Gala. 

● Attend at least one student performance. 

Financial Commitment: Board members are expected to make a commitment to contribute and/or raise a personally significant contribution as part of their Give and Get that matches the wherewithal of the individual. Contributions may be to the Gala, the Annual Fund, and/or any other program for which funds are raised. If a Board member’s business makes a contribution to the organization, Board members are asked to also make a personally significant contribution to Imagination Stage. 

Member Term Limits: The Board consists of members elected for a term of three years. A Board member may be elected to a second consecutive three-year term.

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