Behind the Pats of Spy Academy – Amanda Haddock

Behind the Pats of Spy Academy - Amanda Haddock

I've been fortunate enough to spend the last 7 or so years working almost exclusively in the professional immersive theatre world. I've had the chance to work locally with TBD Immersive and I've traveled the US performing in large scale work in places like Las Vegas hotels and music festivals in the middle of nowhere! So returning to a familiar form of theatre in the middle of COVID has been life giving to say the least.


Now, I'll be the first to admit that I have been feeling some serious Zoom fatigue, so I wondered if this work would even translate to a similarly exhausted group of kiddos. But I have been thrilled to find that traditional immersive concepts hold up on digital pathways and the little folks on the other side of the screen can feel the magic and energy of it! There is truly power in inviting someone into a story, in offering up a moment and asking, "will you play with me?", immersive theatre turns the audience into the storyteller and leaves them changed! Which is just pretty darn cool to watch over and over again! I am incredibly blessed to be doing this work, in this time, with this demographic!


I think what makes my Pat unique is my ability to play to the children in the room while still connecting with the adults! From political jokes to Lady Gaga references, my Pat is definitely here for the young ones, but isn't forgetting about the folks who paid for the ticket! ;-) There is even one really cool moment where I'm almost always left with just a screen full of adults while the kids run off on an errand and that time of connection with big people is always magical! Bring the kids and stick around, you won't be sorry!!

- Amanda Haddock, Dr. Patricia Lee Mills, Ph.D. (aka "Pat")

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