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Acting & Musical Theatre

Our Acting and Musical Theatre classes are open to students of all experience levels and abilities, and students are welcome to jump in and get started at any grade level. Younger age groups engage in dramatic play while older groups delve into the application of more advanced, specialized training. 

Classes for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade:

  • Students participate in themed Creative Drama classes using drama, music, movement, and visual art to explore the fun of creating characters and the art of storytelling. 
  • Books and songs are used as springboards for students to explore characters through structured, creative, and fun activities culminating in short scenes or skits created by the students. 
  • Classes promote confidence, self-esteem, and creative expression while working on skills such as active listening and collaboration.

Class title examples include Superhero Adventures, Unicorn and Dragon Tales, Create Your Own Adventure, Commercial Creators, Musical Theatre: Disney’s Descendants, Musical Theatre: Annie, Intro to Improv.

Classes for Grades 4-12:

  • Students work in small grade groupings to explore more formal technique in Acting, Musical Theatre, Dance, and Improvisation.  
  • Students explore a process of three-dimensional characters and truthful actions for the stage.
  • Classes utilize theatre games, guided improvisation activities, and scene work to develop characterization and script analysis skills.
  • Musical Theatre classes promote vocal health, proper sound placement, and vocal dynamics working to produce clear, full singing voices.

Class title examples include Fundamentals of Acting, Actors Toolbox, Short Form Improv, Acting and Directing Technique, Stage Combat, Musical Theatre Intensives.


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