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My First Imagination Stage
40th Anniversary Season

The 2019-2020 40th Anniversary Season in the Reeve Studio Theatre


The My First Imagination Stage theatre series offers intimate, interactive theatre performances designed for the very young in our Reeve Studio Theatre. Learn more below about our early childhood classes and weekend workshops for ages 1-5.


Please note: All early childhood performances are $12 pre-order OR $14 at the door

Inside Out
November 2- November 24, 2019


Originally Written and Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer and Natasha Holmes

Remount directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer

Best for Ages 1-5


It’s bedtime! But instead of getting ready, two children use their imaginations to turn their room into a wonderland of mess! While playing dress-up, a glove becomes a dancing fish, a shirt becomes a fantastic creature, and a sock dance rocks the closet. In this interactive show, discover the joy of turning things inside out!

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Mouse on the Move
January 11- February 16, 2020


By Janet Stanford and Kathryn Chase Bryer

Remount directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer

Best for Ages 1-5


Nellie and Amelia are two adventurous mice ready to explore the world beyond their little mouse-hole. They decide to go to the moon, since it is cat-free and made entirely of delicious, mouth-watering cheese (so they have heard). In this interactive play, the audience becomes part of the story through multi-sensory activities. Join us as we all try to reach beyond the stars.
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Paper Dreams
March 21- April 12, 2020


Written and directed by Claudia Moreso, Mons Dansa Dance Company Barcelona, Spain

Remount directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer

Best for Ages 1-5


In a collaboration with Mons Dansa Dance Company from Barcelona, Spain, we bring to life a dance-based play that explores the many facets of creativity. A fun, interactive performance that tells the story of two delightful creatures who live inside a wastepaper basket, Paper Dreams asks if our greatest mistakes can turn out to be our greatest ideas.

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Wake Up, Brother Bear
June 27- July 26, 2020


Developed by Janet Stanford and Kathryn Chase Bryer

Remount directed by Janet Stanford

Best for Ages 1-5


Sister Bear and Brother Bear are back from hibernation to take your little ones on an interactive journey through the seasons. Meet a curious butterfly, play in a rushing waterfall, and catch lightning bugs as the bears frolic through the forest in this unforgettable live theatre experience.