My Musical Theatre Journey with Imagination Stage
by Kayla Shomar-Corbett

I started musical theatre at a very young age, and ever since then, I have treated it as a competitive sport. In most ways, this is something that has made me a better actor, singer, and dancer in terms of performance and rate of learning. Mentally, this took a toll on me. Imagination Stage taught me that you do what you love for your enjoyment and satisfaction, not for sport. I have learned so much, and I have become a better performer and person because of this.

My conservatory experience was more than just another acting, singing, or dancing lesson. This group of people (including our teachers) has seen me at my best and worst, but they have been nothing but supportive and have never stopped motivating me.

In these past two years, I have made it my duty to become a better actor, since I had supplementary classes for dancing and never really paid attention to my vocals in a technical sense. Musical Theatre Conservatory (MTC) taught me how to be more than a triple-threat, but the important part is that I was able to develop my skills as an artist in a positive environment with people who were just as passionate as me.

I learned how to improvise without showing the audience how anxious I truly felt, how to bring my character to life with physicality, and how to blend my voice more chorally, allowing the ensemble to sound more pleasant to the ears. Additionally, my ability to memorize choreography as well as add and use subtext has improved my stage presence exponentially!

Imagination Stage is like a second home, and my MTC friends and collaborators are family. Flight of the Lawnchair Man is a way for our conservatory to display our talents for the public to see and express ourselves. I wouldn’t trade my experience with the Imagination Stage Musical Theatre Conservatory for anything, and I hope the audience will share at least a fraction of my contentment while watching our comedic, yet touching, musical.

See you in Passaic, New Jersey!

Piece by Kayla Shomar-Corbett, budding writer and musical theatre student at Imagination Stage. The 2019 Musical Theatre Conservatory’s production of Flight of the Lawnchair Man runs May 17-19 at Imagination Stage. 

Poster design by Cameron Hahn, Institutional Development Apprentice at Imagination Stage.

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