Imagination Stage offers professional development sessions that develop and strengthen arts-based instructional strategies teachers can use in the classroom. Past workshop themes have included stimulating creativity for early learners, the fundamentals of teaching drama, STEM to STEAM strategies, and more.



Fundamentals of Teaching Drama to 2-3 Year Olds
This interactive workshop focuses on high sensory activities, active storytelling, and the beginnings of creative play. Participants will gain skills in how to connect the five senses to storytelling, creative ways to explore the concept of props with literature, and how to guide play through active modeling and side coaching.

Stimulating Creativity in Pre-K through Grade 3 Students with Theater and Guided Play

Imagination Stage Artists/Teachers will take you through lesson plans that incorporate creative drama, employ picture books as springboards, and help young children meet developmentally appropriate educational goals. Pre-K teachers will be able to use these techniques to inspire language development and creativity in the various stations students experience in the Pre-K classroom while teachers for grades K-3 will learn how to take a story from page to stage with their students. All participants will gain an understanding as to how creativity and imagination can foster empathy, problem solving, originality, and flexibility skills in their classroom.


Using lessons from our Learning through Theatre program, teaching artists work with classroom teachers to find ways that the arts can help provide students with the behaviors and thinking routines needed across academic subject matters. Using design thinking, a process that helps students create meaningful solutions, participants will find ways that they can use movement, theater, and art in partnership with science and engineering so that their students are prepared with 21st-century learning skills. Topics may include how improvisation can lead to good engineering solutions, what set design can teach us about scale, and how lighting relates to science!




Imagination Stage is a catalyst for creativity. For over 35 years, our dedicated staff of teaching artists has worked with young people to not only develop their theatre arts skills, but also to increase their creativity—a key factor in lifelong success.

Imagination Stage’s professional development initiatives use an experiential approach that provides teachers with both a theoretical and practical foundation for integrating arts-based instructional strategies into their pedagogy. We have led sessions with teachers from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education in Washington, DC, Montgomery County Public Schools, the DC Arts and Humanities Education Collaborative, and DC Project Zero (a partnership with Harvard University). Professional Development sessions can be flexibly arranged with your school or school district’s schedule in mind. In the past, sessions have been as short as 1-3 hours, or as long as five full days.


Joanne Seelig Lamparter

Director of Education and Theatre for Change


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