How to Perform
Thumbelina, a Kamishibai

What you need:

  • A color printer, or some way to print out the placards.
  • 32 sheets of paper. (If you have cardstock, all the better!)
  • Tape (scotch tape will work!)



1. Print out the FRONT and BACK files. (NOTE: There are two separate PDF files.)


2. Match the numbers (on lower right side) of FRONT and BACK printouts, and put them together, back to back, with tape. The image on the front and the small image on the back will NOT match. This is OK.


3. Do not use staples, as it causes the placards to get caught with each other.


4. Stack the placards from 1 to 16, 1 being on top with the front side facing you.


5. Orient the placards so that the front side of PLACARD 1 is facing your audience. The back of PLACARD 16 should be facing you. The easiest way to perform kamishibai is to be seated at a table, so you can rest the placards on the table at eye level.



Illustrated Guide

Activity Kit



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