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Announcing our Summer Show...

drawing of two woman's profiles back to back. On the left a light-skinned blond with glasses and on the right a ligh skinned person with dark hair, dark eye brows and a pointy nose.

Miss Nelson is Missing!

Based on the book by Harry Allard
Illustrated by James Marshall
Book, music and lyrics by Joan Cushing
Directed by Janet Stanford

June 20-August 10

Best for ages 4+

Meet the fifth graders and Smedley ES, whose poor behavior drives away their sweet teacher, Miss Nelson. Her substitute, the dreaded Viola Swamp, is so strict that she motivates the kids to search for Miss Nelson and try to make ammends.

Maximum group size: 300

Inquiry form for Miss Nelson is Missing! is coming soon!


Cinderella: A Salsa Fairy Tale

Book and lyrics by Karen Zacarias
Music by Deborah Wicks La Puma
Directed by Nadia Guevara

February 15-April 7

Best for grades K-5

What will happen to Cinderella at the ball…game? That’s the surprising question in this contemporary Latin-American Cinderella musical that weaves subtle lessons on empathy, sportsmanship,and respect into an exciting, high-stakes story.

Maximum group size: 300

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Inside Out and Backwards

Written and Directed by Kathryn Chase Bryer and Natasha Holmes
Music by Tim Guillot

March 3-10

Best for Preschoolers

It’s bedtime, and two children use their imaginations to turn their room inside out and backwards! While playing dress-up, a glove becomes a dancing fish, a shirt becomes a fantastical creature, and a sock dance rocks the closet. Maximum group size: 45

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