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As students mature and gain greater facility in their craft, Imagination Stage takes them from technique to production. Conservatories offer advanced training for upper middle and high school students that culminates in a final production. Ensembles provide high-quality performance opportunities in our Reeve or Lerner theatre spaces.

here to check out our 2017 Student Performance season and buy tickets!

Auditions for this year's ensembles and conservatories are closed, but auditions for next year's incoming programs will take place throughout Summer 2017. Check back for details!

Performance Ensembles

Ensembles jump straight into the rehearsal process with a focus on performance and production. Programs span one or two semesters in length and meet two to three times a week for rehearsals.  Previous acting/musical theatre course work and/or summer production experience is recommended. Click on the links below for details!

 IStage Performance Ensemble- Winter/Spring 2017 (Gr. 8-12) Teen actors work in a professional and intensive rehearsal process for their production taking place on the Lerner Family Theatre Stage. This Winter's ensemble is performing The Manhattan Project's Alice in Wonderland March 24-26.  

• Teen Improv Troupe (Gr. 9-12) The Troupe provides the opportunity for training as well as performance opportunities in Short and Long Form Improvisation.

IStage Performance Ensemble- Fall 2016 (Gr. 6-12) Actors rehearse a popular musical and perform on the Lerner Stage. Check out this Fall’s performance of Beauty and the Beast January 13-15, 2017.

Speak Out on Stage Ensemble (Gr. 4-6) Actors work with artistic staff members to create their own original musical. Tickets for this year’s performance go on sale in May.

IStage Dance Theatre (Gr. 7-12) Dancers work in an intensive setting creating an original dance show to be performed at the end of the school year. Don’t miss their performance on May 4 at 7:30 p.m.

• Screen Actors Project (Gr. 9-12)  Actors interested in the medium of film learn the unique techniques of working in front of the camera by rehearsing for and performing a fully-fledged original movie.   

 For Summer Performance Opportunities for students in Grades 2-12, click here!



Conservatories, offered in Acting and Musical Theatre, require a two-year commitment and are dedicated to intensive, pre-professional training. Each program culminates with a production during their final semester. Conservatories audition rising 7-10 graders (completing the program as 8-11 graders).  Previous acting/musical theatre course work or summer production experience is required. Recommended prerequisites include Actor’s ToolboxScene Study, or Musical Theatre Technique.

Program information will be updated in April 2017. 




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